Blending Essential Oils for Physical and Emotional Balance

2 Apr

Blending essential oils is a fascinating study.  In this post, you will learn the basics of getting started with your own blends and how to find oils that impact the physical body systems and the emotions.

It becomes critical to find the best unaltered essential oil product available that possesses the optimal ratio of natural constituents so the therapeutic components within the plant remain in tact.

My preferred company is Young Living Essential Oils because they consistently produce a more therapeutic compound profile according to scientific standards than other companies. All information in this presentation is about Young Living Oils.

Breaking Down the Idea of Living in Holistic, Balanced Wellness

Everything—Both visible and invisible–begins in the Spirit World

Your human spirit has been gifted with every gift you need to fulfill your purpose and destiny. It is then up to you to draw those gifts out of your spirit to bring your body and soul into wholeness, balance and wellness.

The enemies of God are aggressive and have access to us humans–to bring pressure against our souls and bodies attempting to block us from receiving God’s free gifts and rob us of our destiny. We cannot achieve God’s good plan for our lives without wellness and prosperity.

Holistic_Wellness_SpectrumNext you will learn to use the tools of essential oils, words of scripture, and prayer with intent and on purpose to overcome the pressure of the enemy and bring from out of your own God-filled spirit the manifestation of balanced wellness.

Click here to download a compilation of all the healing scriptures from the Bible that can be used as daily affirmations.

Notice on the chart above that essential oil frequencies up to 68 MHz impact the balance of the body.   A frequency of 69 to 100 impacts body and the emotions.   Over 100 MHz impacts the whole person–body, soul, and spirit.

Blending for Topical and Aromatic Use

For topical use, it is important to dilute your essential oil blend with a suitable carrier oil so that you can use it safely on the skin over a part of the body.  Dilution does not mean the essential oil is reduced in potency.  I only means it can be spread to a larger skin surface if applied with a fatty oil.

The problem with carrier oils is that many of them have a limited shelf life—some even need refrigeration. A great carrier oil is Young Living’s V6 Massage oil.   It is a blend of multiple carrier oils such as almond oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil but also includes wheat germ oil to extend it’s shelf life. (Note: People allergic to nuts or who are celiac should not use V6.) Other good oils are Avocado, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Coconut and one of my favorites, Black Cumin Seed Oil.

Three Blending Techniques

  1. Blending by Notes – In blending by note, fragrant oils and their smells are compared to sounds or musical notes. This makes total sense because musical compositions have frequencies like essential oils. Add the lowest or heaviest note/s first, then the middle note/s and last the top or lightest note/s. Top notes are what you smell first and evaporate the fastest. Middle notes are next, and finally, the bass notes are the last to be absorbed into the skin leaving the longest lingering fragrance and effect. Works well for diffuser blends.  Click here to download a list of Young Living Oils classified by note.
  2. Blending by Chemical Constituents – the average single essential oil contains around 100 to 300 identifiable components plus thousands of other trace compounds that have yet to be identified by scientists. It is these trace compounds that prevent scientists from synthetically recreating the essential oil in a laboratory. This blending technique considers the known impact of chemical constituents and combines oils by chemistry to get the desired effect.
  3. Blending for Effects – The sense of smell goes directly to the brain through the olfactory nerve and stimulates the limbic region of the brain, the pineal   gland, and the pituitary gland. The tiny essential oil molecules have the   ability to cross the blood brain barrier. Research has shown that these aromatic compounds can exert strong effects on these parts of the brain— especially on the hypothalamus (hormone command center) and the limbic   system (seat of emotions). So we can blend by choosing oils that effect the   body systems controlled by the hypothalamus and limbic system. Blending by effect works well for both topical and diffuser blends.

Blending for Emotional Balance Chart

To blend for emotional effect requires some knowledge of chemical constituents.   There are plenty of books on the market to help with this.  A good book layman’s book for starters is at this site:    It contains charts where you can simply choose the effect you want and it will show you the constituents required for that effect.   It will also tell you essential oils that are high in those constituents.  I created an example chart to illustrate.


A Convenient Bundle for Getting Started with Your Blending

The Premium Starter Kit (See Figure 1 below)  has five single oils and six blends.  The blends are formulated by Young Living’s Master Blender, Dr. Gary Young.

The singles are Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense, Copaiba, and Lavender.  Refer to the chart in Figure 2 to see which body system/s is supported and brought into balance by each single oils.


New PSK2

Figure 1


Figure 2

A great starting point once you have your starter kit is to combine oils that support the same body system.  For example, if you want to create a blend to support your digestive system, look for the single oils that support the digestive system and then combine them either by note or by chemical constituents.    Never use more that 5 drops (combined total) per teaspoon of carrier oil.  It’s best to keep a journal with the recipe for your blends so you can recreate it if you liked the effect and or the aroma.  To order the starter kit, or to see the entire line of essential oils click here.

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